May 11, 2010
Just like your powerpoint i love it. You give a lot of detail and information.

Rebecca Massengale

April 28, 2010

I'm checking to see if this will blog. :)

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A Blog From Jordan

April 16, 2010
    Scoliosis is a really passionate subject for me. My sister was born with a type of Scoliosis called 'Acute Left Thoraxic Kypho Scoliosis'. My family has had to watch her suffer, but she is a fighter, and has proved time and time again that anybody can make it through anything. Yes, Scoliosis has taken lives, but my sister is a fighter. I hope that this web page has given you some insite into the life of a person suffering with Scoliosis, and what they have had to go through, and what they...
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