Scoliosis has many different forms. One form is called Congenital Scoliosis. This a relatively rare form of congenital malformation of the spine. Patients with Congenital Scoliosis will often develop scoliotic deformities in their infancy.

Another form of Scoliosis is Neuromuscal Scoliosis . This may occur when the spine curves  to the side due to weakness of the spinal muscles or neurologic problems. This form of Scoliosis is especially common for individuals who can not walk due to their underlying meuromuscular condition. This may also be called Myopathic Scoliosis.

The next form of Scoliosis is Degenerative Scoliosis. Scoliosis can also develop later in life, as joints in the spine degenerate and create a bend in the back. This condition is sometimes called Adult Scoliosis.

The last form of Scoliosis is Idiopathic Scoliosis. This is by far the most common form of Scoliosis. It most often develops in adolescents and typically progresses during the adolescent growth spurt. Because it most often occurs during adolescence, this condition is sometimes called Adolescent Scoliosis.

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